Establish your Business

Greece is emerging from an almost 10-year long crisis, but still a lot of individuals strive to establish their own business taking into account the needs of the current era and status.
The catering and hospitality and tourism services industries, seem to take large steps forward and present a rapid growth, but this doen’t mean nessecarily a lack in commercial business establishing. And ofcourse the current trend for the acquisition and exploitation of apartments in Greece – mostly for short-term rentals, is significantly larger than the previous years and keeps expanding.
The available capital has shrunk – naturaly, and there is little room for unnecessary risks.
On the same time a rough competition prevails between businesses operation on the same industry. This results to a constant search for innovation, extra amenities and value added services to possible clients.
Due to all the conditions presented above, new company combinations have emerged which provide more than one services. This helps to reduce the capital needed, reduce the effort, and achieve time savings, for the new entrepreneurs and investors.
(E.g. – 50+ services for businesses, investors and private investors and an international real estate office).
The establishement of a business is not only a matter of decision!
It requires expertise, specialized and experienced professional consultants, to avoid the traps and dangers layed ahead.
A good idea is not sufficient! Some major factors to its success or not – are mostly focused on how it will be materialized and avoid unnecessary mistakes.
Why should someone fail or water time and effort? When today you may have experienced professionals – during all the steps of the materialization of your investment, to assist in the developing, growth and the establishment of your project.