Renovation, smart and cheap

During the last period more and more property owners tend to go through the exploitation of their properties, mostly with short-term rentals.
And also even investors with a smaller or larger capital desided to get into the apartment’s rental business – as a profitable opportunity.
In most of the cases a renovation was needed but also the proper layout editing of the spcases, in order to become suitable for proper exploitation.
Some properties had a better layout and needed only minor changes and decoration and fusnishing.
Others need more works and a bigger changes in their layout also, while some need only a selection of suitable furniture, sanitary items and decoration.
Key points for a smoother procedure are, legal properties and avoidance of any irregularities and also the proper layout ediging!
Not all the apartments and all kinds of spaces, are suitable for this type of business.
In addition, there may be a restriction to convert them for this type of use or exploitation.
A large precaution will be needed in the renovation that will take places, in order to ensure a smooth exploitation with a sufficient occupancy to return the amount invested as soon as possible.
A proper renovation should make the living space totally functional for the guests.
It shouldn’t burden the owners with additional bureuocratic trouble, and it should be materialized in a smart way based in experience, to increase the apartment’s status/place when compared to the competition by other properties.
Ofcourse the costs must be kept to logical level, while offering the most possible services to the guests.
CKBSM company (, has in its disposal a wide variety of experienced collaborators all over Greece, and strives to present the best possible prices and a package of services to each of the client’s who places his/her trust on us.
We are by your side to achieve money savings and minimize the effort in each of your project, while on the same time achieve the best possible added value from your property.
Through special collaboration we provide the ability to supply many items in bargain prices, such as sanitary items, decoratives and linen, which are nessecary for your apartment and will make it completely operational.
On the same time we care for each of our clients and we can also provide supporting services even after the end of the renovation – by providing advertisement or management services for the property.
We also provide proposals for the acquisition of ideal properties for exploitation – on a daily basis, to the owners of land plots all over Greece, who may acquire a residence ready for exploitation on their land plot – through our company, with a small starting budget.
Do not hesitate to concact us for inquiries at the landline +30 210 3003018 daily (Monday – Friday, CET +1).