CKBSM was designed and established, with the vision to fight against the negative conditions for entrepreneurship in Greece due to long-term market dysfunctionalities (under-qualified professionals, bureaucracy, lack of information, lack of loaning opportunities etc.), but also due to the economic crisis and the lack of credibility that ensued. We have created a new collaborations development model, depending on the individual needs of our customers.

We offer solutions and proposals according to the budget available, and, at the same time, securing top quality for each one of the 50+ services that we provide. Our goal is to increase the number of businesses that are established in our country and their activities are in Greece and abroad, involving more young people in the business development stages, exploiting the private and public property, as well as increasing the number of new jobs as a consequence of the above.

We constantly educate our carefully selected partners, while also aiming at the development of innovative tools and methods, in order to increase the quality of our services.

In the framework of a constantly changing working and social environment, we create the conditions for the viability of existing businesses, the creation and development of new businesses, as well as a friendly environment for the receiving and development of foreign investments in Greece.

Our services address mostly those who want to establish their own business fast and in an appropriate manner, while also reducing the expenses in a smart way, without risking quality. However, many of our services are available to private entrepreneurs as well. We gradually expand more and more all over Greece.

We aspire to establish a better world for all of us, and we are optimistic that we certainly will with your support.

We thank you for taking the time to get to know us.