The necessity for businesses to offer and contribute with social actions outside of their expertise and scope today is considered more urgent than ever before.

Our company is particularly sensitive about these matters and that’s the reason we are constantly seeking new ways to act accordingly.

We are open to suggestions about sponsorship proposals or other actions of a charity and social nature.

Since 2016, we grant a considerable amount of money and we are actively involved in a new innovative, non-profit organization, whose aim is to constantly provide socio-cultural information and solutions to everyone, for the improvement of their everyday lives, the participation in creative activities, but also to become involved in a powerful Panhellenic network, which multiplies their offer and accurately converts it into results.

The “otiaxizei” (meaning, what makes life worthwhile).

If you want to know more about our activities and become a member, please visit:

Because our lives are not only a race for success, recognition and money – but also a race for happiness, hope, and self-development, for us and those around us.