1. Can I also choose selected services from the ones offered by CKBSM company?

Yes. You may also contact us to receive an offer for any of our services.

We do our best to provided the most competitive prices at all times. And in addition we have implemented a reward system with discounts to your future offers.

2. Do you provide all your services, to the whole Greece?

This is our goal. We also do select our collaborators based on that. If by any chance we are not able to assist you, this will be due to the fact that we haven’t found suitable collaborators in the area, or for some reason we think that the cost for this particular services would go too high.

In any case we’ll provide a solution.

3. How do you evaluate your collaborators;

We have developed a prototype and thorough system which includes also client recomendations for each collaborator under evaluation. Also all the prequisites – to materializ a formal collaboration, are highly demanding and we always thrive for the excellent and balanced services for our customers.

4. Do you have penalties for collaborators who do not comply with your requirements?

Yes, and they even are in danger of being expelled from our network.

Your opinion is always seriously taken into account and plays a major role to their evaluation.

5. How you can be sure that your prices are competitive?

We have market researches pretty all the time, and additionally we establish new special deals with collaborating freelancers and processionals, but also with small industries, having as a guideline the increasion of the quality of services and products provided while at the same time preserving the most competitive price.

6. How can someone order one of your services and learn more about the relative costs, but also the current bids by your and your collaborators?

You will be needed to enroll to our newsletter list, and also visit our wesite ofter, in order to get to know our new bids and the establishment of new collaboration to a great number of new companies, with our basic goal, to reduce the costs to the most of our services, commercial goods, and more in addition.